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Scar Therapy can start in as little as 6-8 weeks post surgery subject to certain conditions.  The wound needs to be healed and sealed, with no scabs, stitches/staples and showing no signs of infection (locally or systematically) or weeping.

I do not treat in between radiotherapy sessions and must wait a minimum of two weeks after the last bout of radiotherapy is completed before considering Scar Therapy.

If you are under consultant care, I will want to write to your consultant to confirm Scar Therapy can commence.

Absolutely!  I have treated scars that are over 40 years old and still made a change to the sensation, quality and appearance of the scar itself and connected it to other issues the client has had which was previously believed to be unrelated.

How long is a piece of string?  The number of treatments required varies on its age, size number of scars, the challenges we face, how you respond and what your goals are, for example.

Generally speaking, we normally see a change within about 4 sessions.  When the scar is new I like to offer 3 or 4 treatments close together and then another a couple of months later and another a few months after that.  By doing it this way we have a better chance at reducing excessive scar tissue laydown, the formation of adhesions and preventing other issues.

I sure can!  Hypertrophic and keloid scar formation occurs for a number of reasons, including tensile loads put through the scar, skin type (darker skin types are more prone to keloid scarring) or genetic imbalances.

I have a number of techniques that can aid in addressing symptoms such as redness, raised, hardening, pain and itching.

I can also advise on self care and using products to enhance treatments.

With respect and dignity.  As an inclusive and diverse therapist I treat all my patients with the same respectful approach.

There will be some questions that need to be asked as part of my assessment but you are under no obligation to tell your story, unless you want to. 

My clinic is a safe space and privacy is paramount.

At present I am only able to treat top surgery associated with GRS/GCS, if there are any concerns you have relating to genitalia surgery I  may be able to show you some self treatment techniques or you may have to go back to your consultant for further advice.

Sorry to say, but no.  My clinic in Brentwood is a great set up, with my hydraulic couch and tools or devices at hand, should I need them.  Entrance is flat with one small step to enter the clinic and I have ample parking on my drive for clients (parking restrictions are enforced on the streets, so don’t park there if your appointment is before 6pm).

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Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, for a new mum following a C-section delivery, or for a loved one who has gone through cancer surgery, the gift of scar therapy is the perfect way to show how much you care.

Digital gift vouchers are available via my online store, in denominations of treatments. Simply print off or email for giving, they will then book their appointment directly and bring/show their voucher on arrival.

If you live in or near Brentwood, Essex free collection can be arranged.

If however, you are a bit further away but still in mainland UK then items are posted 1st class Royal Mail, postage costs are applied at checkout.  Please note this does not guarantee next day delivery.  Unfortunately I do not offer overseas shipping at any time.